Governments and Agencies

Government and Agency staff and officials, does your jurisdiction have GHG reduction goals? If so, then you can commission a study on potential mandatory and market measures to achieve those GHG reductions, including a section on how Carbon Share would work in your jurisdiction. We can assist you in implementing Carbon Share in your jurisdiction through speaking engagements, study sessions, presentations, and consultation. We can help with creative approaches for when budgets are tight.

What cities can do

  • Start a team (champion model)
  • Get official support to investigate concept.  Obtain direction from elected officials by placing item before the City Council to discuss the concept and directing staff to move forward with studies for implementation.
  • Pass resolutions in support of returning allowance value back to consumers.

What we can provide

  • Guidance to local governments on how to implement Carbon Share in your jurisdiction
  • Feasibility studies and formal consultation
  • Implementation Contractor - Managing vendors and subcontractors
  • and more. Contact us for more information.




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