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In Carbon Share, emission permits are distributed to all residents, and are sold to upstream fossil fuel companies, who are required to hold the Shares as permits for GHG emissions.  The Carbon Share concept may be scaled down to the local level. Jurisdictions can pass local ordinances or laws setting a mandatory cap on GHG emissions. Then a Carbon Share program could be implemented to meet the cap.

A good first step is for your city to join ICLEI's Cities for Climate Protection. This notifies the public of your city's commitment to addressing climate change. Then as part of the Local Climate Action Plan, the city could set a mandatory cap, mandate that every resident be allocated a portion of the cap, and require upstream fossil fuel companies to hold enough shares to cover their annual emissions. This would be the basis for a local Carbon Share program.

Political Action Committees could advocate for Carbon Share at the local level. Find out more!

Cities can conduct feasibility studies on how Carbon Share could work in their jurisdiction. Find out more!

Cities are also passing resolutions to encourage the value from capped emissions to returned to consumers. See some recent local actions supporting the CLEAR Act.





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