Take Action

You can help Carbon Share become a reality at the local, state, national, or international level.

Citizens and Activists, you can help educate their elected officials about Carbon Share and consumer compensation. You can encourage your jurisdiction to set mandatory GHG limits, and ask elected officials to adopt guidelines that favor consumer compensation. You can get involved with Carbon Share at the local, state, national, or international level, depending on your interest. If you have experience working with Political Action Committees, grassroots fundraising, or are interested in forming a group to formalize your advocacy, please contact us.

Government and Agency staff and officials, does your jurisdiction have GHG reduction goals? If so, then you can commission a study on potential mandatory and market measures to achieve those GHG reductions, including a section on how Carbon Share would work in your jurisdiction. We can assist you in implementing Carbon Share in your jurisdiction through speaking engagements, study sessions, presentations, and consultation. We can help with creative approaches for when budgets are tight.

Funders, is your foundation interested in supporting systemic climate change solutions? A carbon price will create an economy-wide transformation toward low-carbon technologies, but it needs to be implemented equitably, and not cause a political backlash. Funders can help with the development of pilot projects, educational programs, and open source aspects of implementation. Please contact us for more information.

Investors, does Carbon Share sound like a business opportunity to you? There are aspects of Carbon Share that can run through a private market, with brokerages and other intermediaries, whose purpose is to transfer the value of the shares from fossil fuel companies to people. The market will need transparency, integrity, and popular support. If you are interested in a triple bottom line investment, please contact us.

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