Take Action - Citizens and Activists

Citizens and Activists, you can help make Carbon Share a reality at the local, state, or national level, depending on your interest. Below are some ideas for how you can get involved. You can host events and help educate your community about Carbon Share and consumer compensation. You can encourage your jurisdiction to set mandatory GHG limits, and ask elected officials to adopt guidelines that favor consumer compensation. If you have experience working with Political Action Committees, grassroots fundraising, or are interested in forming a group to formalize your advocacy, please contact us.

What citizen/advocacy organizations can do
Find out what's happening at the local, state, national, and international levels.
Sign a petition or join a Carbon Share group on Facebook (coming soon)
Sign up to receive more information, newsletters, and stay in touch

Form a local Carbon Share advocacy group (contact us for assistance with this)
-  Include Carbon Share outreach materials in mailings or emails to your organization's members and networks.
 -  Include a link to the Carbon Share website on your website.                        
 -  Include an article about Carbon Share on your blog or in your organization's upcoming newsletter.         
 -  Write an op ed to the local newspaper
 -  Commit a staff person/volunteer/intern to help support the campaign.                               
 -  Recruit other organizations to endorse Carbon Share.
 -  Help generate media coverage for Carbon Share.
 -  Recruit people for advocacy, media opportunities, events, and other activism.

Host an event to discuss Carbon Share.

Invite someone from Carbon Share to speak to your group about Carbon Share.

Contact your elected officials:

Send a letter to your Senator

In California, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and State Legislature need to hear from their constituents.

Questions for a government agency implementing a mandatory GHG cap (i.e. CARB):

How will CARB implement the cap? Will CARB give the emissions rights under the cap 1) to consumers, 2) to auction by the State, or 3) to the fossil fuel industry?

Will CARB learn from the mistakes of previous cap and trade systems such as RECLAIM and Europe’s Emissions Trading System?

Who gets the emissions rights? How to spend the revenues from selling emission permits?

Suggestions for CARB:

1) Auction (sell) 100% of carbon emission permits. Revenues should be used for public goods and per capita compensation. The State should consider the Auction with Dividend and Carbon Share and other forms of consumer per capita compensation in the design of a California carbon market.

2) Remove the giveaway (grandfathering) from further consideration. Implement an upstream, 100% auction system with consumer compensation.

3) Study per capita consumer compensation, including per capita cash dividends, and Carbon Share. Conduct or commission a technical study on public trust allocation and per capita compensation, including the Dividend and Carbon Share. How could the State implement a Carbon Share program? How does Carbon Share compare with other cap and trade options for GHG reduction in achieving the AB32 Market Advisory Committee's Market Design Guiding Principles? Is Carbon Share part of the best approach to allocating emission rights? Which agency would manage a Carbon Share program? What role should the financial services industry play in the development of the program?

4) Consider giving everyone (i.e. Californians) the choice of Dividend, Tax Rebate, or Share.

Click here to endorse the Carbon Share approach.

Send us an email to get more involved in promoting Carbon Share.




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